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Doc Johnson sex toys and Doc Johnson adult products

Doc Johnson is a well known American adult toy company. Some of their best known products are: the Pocket Rocket, Joy Jelly and Motion Lotion. Their Japanese-style vibrator named the iVibe Rabbit is incredibly popular.

The company was established by Ohio porn mogul Reuben Sturman. It is so named in mocking tribute to then President Lyndon B. Johnson whose justice department repeatedly attempted to prosecute Sturman for obscenity.

There's a new energy, a new spirit and a new look at Doc Johnson.
Everyone has a contract girl. We have the superstars of contract girls, The Vivid Girls, from the people who literally invented the idea, with the signing of Ginger Lynn almost 20 years ago.
Everyone has packaging. We have the design group that changed adult, and you can see it in our ever evolving styles. New shapes, new sizes, new eye-popping inserts... once again we've set the standard. Our Product Development is leading the way, with sensations like the ivibe collection, Vivid Toys, the incredible UR3, and a whole new technology that lets vibes do so much more than just vibrate.
Look to Doc Johnson in the year ahead, to be ahead. Taking chances, delivering products with an idea, packaging with punch...
And delivering on a promise unique in adult.

"My wife and I continue to use only Doc Johnson products as the price and the quality is very good. We always look for the latest inventions in sex toys and Doc Johnson products seem to have the latest innovations in the adult toy industry." Gerry V.


Currently we feature the following Doc Johnson toys:

To view more Doc Johnson products click here: Doc Johnson

Doc Johnson / Bondage Bed by Doc Johnson

A complete pleasure system inflates to queen size bed. Pump included. Soft velveteen on one side. Tie up rings in 12 strategic positions for maximum pleasure. 25 feet of extra black robe. Attaches easily to a door for vertical positioning. Compatible with Doc Johnson Tie Up System
Buy Bondage Bed by Doc Johnson

Doc Johnson / Blue Veiner Penis Pump by Doc Johnson
Bring out your big blue veins with this orgasmic pump by Doc Johnson. Stallion Pumper's lube included for peak performance and ultra suction power.
Buy Blue Veiner Penis Pump by Doc Johnson

Doc Johnson / Lori Mouth w/ Red Lips Masturbator

Let Lori's lips wrap themselves around your cock as you masturbate. Tongue helps produce a realistic feeling. This is another high quality sex toy product by Doc Johnson.
Buy Lori Mouth By Doc Johnson

Doc Johnson / Peter Water Gun Gag by Doc Johnson

This water gun is a definate gag, by the pool, or the beach. Cool anybody off with this squirting dick! Fill this Doc Johnson water guy with water or use your favorite beverage
Buy Peter Water Gun Gag by Doc Johnson

Doc Johnson / Robo Suck II Penis Pump

A new and improved version of the original Robo Suck. This pump has a completely automatic pumping system with a full length inner sleeve to ensure an amazing sucking feeling throughout the entire penis.
Buy Robo Suck II Penis Pump by Doc Johnson
Doc Johnson / Squirting Realistic Cock

You will love this realistic cock with its soft movable balls as it fulfills some of your wilder fantasies. The soft feel is incredibly life like and you will swear you have a live one. A base suction cup guarantees that it will not move an inch and will not miss a spot. Make your own cum and have endless cumming nights over and over again.
Buy Squirting Cock by Doc Johnson
Doc Johnson / Masturbation Kit By Doc Johnson

Includes Emerald 8 in Vibe Jelly Dong-One Jelly Sleeve-Two Rubber Sleeves-Vivid Girls Lube.
Buy Masterbation Kit by Doc Johnson
Doc Johnson / Cock O Nine Tails by Doc Johnson
Dish out the discipline with this classic ‘Nine Tails ‘ whip with a difference! The penis shaped handle of this whip is a soft, flexible latex dildo with a sturdy wooden covered base. Go on lash em!
Buy Cock O Nine Tails by Johnson

FAQ about Doc Johnson products

What products does Doc Jonson sell?
Where can I order Doc Jonson sex toys?
Why are Doc Jonson adult toys a great brand of adult toys?
What is the price of Doc Jonson toys?

What products does Doc Jonson sell?
Doc Johnson is one of the worlds largest sex toy companies. Having hundreds of adult toys, Doc Johnson makes toys for almost everyone. From simple dildo's to fetish toys Doc Johnson continues to be the leader in producing unique toys of high quality.

Where can I order Doc Jonson sex toys?
"Sex Toys Exotica" has the largest selection of adult toys by Doc Johnson. We are an approved retailer of Doc Johnson products and always maintain the newest Doc Johnson products when they are released.

Why are Doc Jonson adult toys a great brand of adult toys?
Doc Johnson toys have been around for many years and continue to dominate in the latest inventions while keeping with the current trend of adult toys. Doc Johnson always maintains high quality in their products so that they will last you many years.

What is the price of Doc Jonson toys?
Doc Johnson toys vary in price from a few dollars to a couple hundred for toys of high quality. Doc Johnson is a great value when it comes to buying sex toys and the price of Doc Johnson toys often reflects the quality.

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