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Sex Toys for Men

Men and Sex Toy Use:
Sex toys for men were invented a long time ago and were invented for men by men. There are not as many sex toys for men as there are for women but there are certainly more varieties of sex toys for men. As men are not as shy as women when it comes to experimenting behind closed doors, a male is more likely to go out and buy themselves an adult sex toy. Men have a large variety of toys and these can vary from homemade sex toys for men to anal sex toys to masterbation toys to penis sex toys. Masterbation sex toys for men are very popular as well and can involve toys such as a cock ring, masterbation penis pumps, and anal plugs. Men seem to prefer to use sex toys by themselves in private but on occasion will use sex toys with a woman. At Sex Toys Exotica we have many sex toys for men and offer the best secure and private methods to buy sex toys for men.

"I was surprised to learn that there is such a wide variety of sex toys for men. Most men I know would never think of owning a sex toy until I asked a few men I knew. I read about toys for men in male magazines but was reluctant to try using one until I went out to buy my first masterbation toy. You have by far the best selection of masterbation toys for men I have seen."


Helping men buy a sex toy:

When you buy a sex toy from "Sex Toys Exotica", we want your experience to be a comfortable one. We have put together a small guide that will helps men with making a sex toy selection, be it a masterbation sex toy or an advanced sex toy we have a large selection for all men.

Have you ever used a homemade sex toy for men before?
Homemade sex toys for men can be a good thing to try if you are just starting out. A mens homemade can be as simple as an object around the house but we do recommend that before you use a homemade sex toy that you inspect it for safety as men have been known to get themselves into uncomfortable situations when using homemade sex toys.

Are you a man that likes to masterbate and would prefer a masterbation sex toy?
Men are very comfortable with masterbation and some men even use masterbation sex toys to help them achieve a better orgasm and pleasure. There are many masterbation toys that men can choose from, some of these masterbation toys are cock rings, penis pumps, and anal plugs. All these masterbation toys will heighten the orgasm of most men.

Are you comfortable with using an adult sex toy for men?
Some men are put off with the thought of using an adult sex toy. Are you a man that is willing to experiment? Are you a man that wants to have intense orgasms and pleasure? If you are, then using a sex toy for everything from masterbation to heightened pleasure will be right for you.


"Men & women seem to have better sex when an adult toy is involved. They will usually start out with using the sex toy on each other and can even experiment with their own toy to assist in mutual masterbation. Men are increasingly getting more comfortable using adult toys by themselves, with their partner or with their spouse."


Sex Toys Exotica recommends the following sex toys for men:

Men's Toys / Man's Ball Buster Kit
The Men's Ball Buster Kit includes an assortment of "cock wear". 2 rubber rings, 1 leather 3 snap cock strap, 1 leather cock and ball harness and a velcro ring for starters. Good for pre masterbation.
Men's Toys / Man's Butt Plug
Get ready for an unbridled fine feathered fantasy with Sportsheets Derrière de Plumes. Exotic feathers on the end of a smooth, comfortable silicone plug. Strut your stuff proud as a peacock and give new flight to your fantasies.
Men's Toys / Man's Back Door Probe
This probe is a man's best friend. Made from special poly and flexible this probe is excellent for male stimulation and materbation.

Mens Toy's / Man's Penis Pump
A new and improved version of the original Robo Suck. This pump has a completely automatic pumping system with a full length inner sleeve to ensure an amazing sucking feeling throughout the entire penis.







Men probably have the most difficult time making a decision of how to buy a sex toy for a man. Men are normal to have pride when it comes to adult sex toy buying for themselves or their partner. What men have to realize is that many men buy sex toys everyday. Most men prefer to buy sex toys online to save the embarrassment and the greater selection of sex toys. Common sex toys for men are masturbation sex toys, anal sex toys for men, and sex toys that men can share with women. In some cases we recommend that men start with a homemade sex toy and then move into sex toys that the man would be comfortable with.

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At Sex Toys Exotica, we have helped many customers asking where to buy adult sex toys from. We use the latest in online security to ensure your order is private and safe. Our shipping department reviews your order and each order is packaged discreetly and ships promptly to your chosen address.



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